KOL/KOC Service

The development of the Internet and social platforms have completely triggered and spread the deep desire of human beings to "Share"

This is also the reason why influencers can play a great role in brand marketing today

Do you want to jump on this trend too?

Use influencer marketing to create word of mouth​

Focus On Exposure

If your marketing goals are exposure and large-scale reach, it is recommended that you choose KOL as a partner. You can choose Facebook, Instagram or blog for graphic cooperation; if you have a large budget, you can also consider video cooperation on YouTube according to the product.



KOL(Key Opinion Leader):

They have a certain influence, can represent the opinion of a specific group of people or groups. With the growing influence of social platforms, many “Influencers” with high reputations on the Internet have gradually become influential KOLs.


Focus On Conversion

If your brand has a certain reputation, and the current goal is to increase the conversion rate, or you want to use a small budget for marketing testing, then we will recommend you to use KOC as a partner to have the opportunity to actually improve sales results.


KOC(Key Opinion Leader):

KOC is not a public figure, but an amateur who hides in the consumer group. By sharing the product use experience on social media, he/she calls on relatives and friends around him/her to buy and support the product together, and build a reputation over time to become the KOC among the consumer groups.

Long-term Benefits

If your goal is to create long-term marketing benefits, it is recommended that you cooperate with bloggers. The blog articles includes text and photos, it can introduce products completely to respond to consumers’ curiosity about products. After posting for a while,  it would have a chance to help SEO and improve search rankings.


Start Influencer Marketing Now

In Daione, brands have the complete right to choose. Even with a small budget, you can start influencer marketing right away. As long as you clarify your marketing goals, you can freely match influencers and platforms.

Daione supports 4 social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Blog) to meet the diverse needs of marketing operations. At present, there are thousands of KOL/KOC influencers on the platform waiting to cooperate with you!


Daione Featured Influencer Marketing Plans

Brand Self-operation

Budget, schedule, number of influencers and conditions of cooperation are all under your control.


The brands sets it up and the Daione system helps you track and manage it.

Number of Influencers

Self-setting by brands and it can be adjusted flexibly according to the budget, the amount of influencers and the cooperation platform.


Influencers offer quotations for cooperation, and Daione will charge a 30% bonus to the quotation. (If you upgrade to a professional account, additional subscription fees will be incurred. Please check Plan Page

Daione Partner

Assisted by professional influencer consultants throughout the process, we will work with brands to develop and establish relevant requirements for influencer cooperation, and simultaneously upload event information on Daione. Brands only need to confirm the list of influencers and review the content.


The pre-production period is approximately 30-45 days, including confirmation of requirements and initiation of recruitment activities. Approximately 30 days from implementation to closing (depending on project planning).

Number of Influencers

The brands submits the requirements and adjusts it according to the budget, the followers of influencers and the cooperation platform.


It is recommended to use this plan if the total budget is over 100,000. If the marketing budget is less than $100,000, you can refer to the Brand self-operation plan.