Revenue Sharing Service for Hotels

Using automated revenue system to evaluate cooperation results

Global influencers X Cross-border payment X Multinational communication

These are all handled by Daione, eliminating all the complicated procedures and communication costs

The point is
We only charge when there is a real conversion

Global influencers help you promote to the world

Automated System

The system automatically updates the sales of each project and the amount of revenue sharing, which is convenient to track the effectiveness of cooperation and analyze the overall benefits.

Daione 旅宿分潤-自動化系統
Daione 旅宿分潤-專屬訂房頁

Exclusive Reservation Page

Influencers create exclusive content for the hotel. With the fans economy, influencers could lead the internet traffic directly to the independent reservation pages. There are no other competitors, and zero interference in the booking process.

Simple Payment

The complicated remittance process is done by us! We remit revenue share to influencers monthly. The hotel only needs to confirm whether the payment is correct every month.

Daione 旅宿分潤-金流付款
Results-driven Cooperation
We charge when there is an order
Cooperative amount 70/100 influencers
Cross-border influencer matching service
Long-term cooperation
Project management system
Cross-border payment integration system
Daione dedicated service