Daione Cross-border Influencer Marketing for Hotels

One-stop integrated system, efficient matchmaking influencers

Automatic revenue sharing system helps to track the results

Daione | 3 Major Advantages


Global Influencers

Getting foreigners to know your brand can be easy! Recruit global influencers on Daione, whether domestic or foreign, recommended by local people would be the best way to shorten the distance between your brand and the consumers!


Conversion Data Chart

Not only create exposure and internet traffic but also the system is connected to the hotel reservation system, allowing owners to accurately track the effect of influencer's cooperation. And only charge when there is a real conversion.


Payment Flow

We use Escrow payment, once the payment is made to Daione, we take care of the rest. After swiping the credit card, the electronic invoice is immediately sent to the mailbox, and the labor remuneration form is also covered by us.

Benefits Of Influencer Marketing

Create Exposure
With the help of Influencer‘s popularity, we can create multiple exposures and increase the opportunities for brands and products to appear in front of consumers!
Internet Traffic
With the help of Influencer’s content creation, we will continue to refresh the brand's share of voice and maintain the popularity of brands and products in consumers' lives.
Build Trust
With the help of the close relationship between Influencer and followers, the brand can shorten the distance to the consumers, and increase consumers' interest and trust in the product.
Precise Audience
With the help of the familiarity between Influencer to their followers, influencers could create content tailored for followers and increase the attractiveness of products to consumers.

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Whether You're Influencers In Taiwan,southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, America Or Canada

“One-Stop Management Tool” helps to automatically manage the whole cross-border influencer marketing cooperation. 

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Daione supports different platfroms over the world

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